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This page contains information on ownership and copyright, the conditions of which must be
observed and followed. All registered trademarks belong to their legitimate owners. No part of this
site, including sounds, can be reproduced or copied, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
SenzaVergona.com is in no way responsible for the websites you should access through this site.
When you access an external website from SenzaVergogna.com, remember that it is independent of
SenzaVergogna.com and that the latter has no control over the content of the site in question.
Furthermore, the existence of a hyperlink called "link" to an external site does not imply the
approval or acceptance of responsibility by SenzaVergogna.com for the content or use of this site. It
is your responsibility to take all necessary precaution to ensure that anything you decide to
withdraw and use is free of destructive elements. Registration and consultation of the Site are free
of charge, but are subject to the unconditional acceptance by the user of these General Regulations
and Conditions of Use and related premises: in the event that the user does not agree with any of the
clauses set out in this Regulation, he must immediately stop using the SenzaVergogna.com services
and abandon the navigation of the site. When registering or entering the video chat, the user
declares to be of age, to enter truthful information and to explicitly accept all the conditions of use
reported and their possible modifications. In the case of direct and autonomous registration by a
minor, the full knowledge, authorization and acceptance of the parent or guardian is
presumed.SenzaVergogna.com does not have the means to guarantee the identity of the people who
register for their services, therefore is not responsible in case of abuse of the identity of a Member.
If the Member has reason to believe that a person uses his identification data or his account, he must
immediately inform SenzaVergogna.com, through the support section. In the event that complaints
arise against us relating to the actions, contents or information of the user on SenzaVergogna.com,
the user will be required to compensate us and to insure us from and against any damage, loss or
expense including costs and legal costs. resulting from this complaint. Although we provide rules
for user conduct, we do not control or guide user actions on SenzaVergogna.com and are not
responsible for the content or information that users transmit or share in SenzaVergogna.com. We
are not responsible for any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or otherwise deplorable
information or content on the SenzaVergogna.com website. We are not responsible for the conduct,
whether online or offline, of any user on SenzaVergogna.com. Do not use SenzaVergogna.com.com
for client research, solicitation or prostitution.
Entry is allowed only and exclusively to people over the age of 18. SINCE YOU DECLARE TO
By accepting this agreement, the user agrees to indemnify the Manager as well as the directors,
collaborators and employees of the same from any compensation obligation, including legal fees,
which may be requested by third parties due to his conduct on this Site and any of its services, due
to the contents and / or expressions of the same used, due to the violation of this regulation or
because of any other violation of laws, regulations or customs. Within the limits established by law,
SenzaVergogna.com.com is not in any responsible for direct or indirect damages, also to the image
to the dignity and reputation eventually suffered by the users of the site or by third parties, as a
consequence of the use of the Site. The data provided by a SenzaVergogna.com Member must be
correct and conform to reality . The consequences of their disclosure on the life of the Member and
/ or that of other Members are the exclusive responsibility of the Member himself.
SenzaVergogna.com cannot be held responsible for the correctness or inaccuracy of the information
and content provided by Members and / or site visitors. SenzaVergogna.com cannot be held
responsible for content disclosed by a Member that may violate the rights of one or more of the
other Members. Videochat is accessible, in all its functionalities, to Members. The subscriber
undertakes to comply with these conditions of use. If you do not accept them, you cannot register.
Registration for one or more services and the use of this site implies full acceptance of these rules
by the Member. By checking the box I have read the general conditions of use and accept them in
the part of the age confirmation page, the Member is considered bound by all the provisions of these
conditions of use. to the services, as well as the telecommunication costs necessary to use these

services, are the sole responsibility of the Member. To be registered, you must be at least 18 years
old and fill in all the mandatory fields of the registration forms. The subscriber guarantees that the
data communicated are correct and truthful. The Member undertakes to immediately inform of any
changes to the data provided at the time of registration and, if necessary, to make the changes
directly in person. If the conditions necessary for registration are met, each member can have a
username called Nickname and a password, which are strictly personal and confidential and which
must not be communicated and shared with third parties. In no case can he be held responsible for
the loss of Nicknames and / or passwords by the Member. In the event that a member communicates
or uses this information in a manner contrary to their purpose, we reserve the right to close the
Members account without notice. The member will be solely responsible for the use of these
identification elements by third parties or for the actions or declarations made through his account.
The member guarantees against any request in this regard. Video chat does not have the means to
guarantee the identity of the people who subscribe to their services, therefore it is not responsible in
case of abuse of the identity of a Member. If the subscriber has reason to believe that a person uses
his identification data or his account, he must immediately inform him by email. VideoCha365.com
reserves the right to cancel the accounts of members who have not used the service for a period
greater than or equal to 6 months. The date taken into consideration is the date of the last
connection to the site. After registering, the Member will be able to access the available services.
SenzaVergogna.com undertakes to regularly update the Subscriber of the news and services
available on the Site. During the use of the services, the subscriber undertakes in particular to:
Respect the laws in force in the country of use of the services offered and the rights of third parties .
Do not use video chat for professional or commercial purposes such as customer search, solicitation
or prostitution, material concerning minors or explicit pornography material. It is absolutely
forbidden to use video chat or part of the services offered both free or paid to advertise other sites or
commercial activities directly or indirectly or in any case other forms of contact without explicit
authorization. It is absolutely forbidden to exchange e-mail addresses or contacts. Do not use
videochat to destabilize the communities or take offensive attitudes or for any form capable of
creating forms of anxiety or disturbance towards members. The user who will use the services
offered will be directly responsible for their actions. such as video chats, private rooms, etc. Publish
and disseminate in any form exclusively information or content that is truthful. Do not formulate
expressions or disclose in any form content that affects the rights of third parties or that have a
defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive nature, violent or inciting violence, political, racist or
xenophobic and, in general, content contrary to the object, laws and regulations in force or morals.
In particular, the photos, videos and any information, data or files provided by a member must refer
exclusively to the member. Do not publish or disseminate in any form any information or content
that has the effect of diminishing, disorganizing, preventing the normal use of the services,
interrupting and / or slowing down the normal circulation of communications between Members
through services, such as applications, viruses , Trojan horses, sending mass messages called
"spam", etc. Do not publish or disseminate in any form, information or content that includes links to
other illegal sites, contrary to morals and / or not in conformity with the subject. In the event of a
Members violation of one or more of these rules, SenzaVergogna.com reserves the right to block
accounts, to automatically delete controversial messages, to prevent the publication of a Members
profile, in whole or in part, and / or to block your access to the services. SenzaVergogna.com
assumes no responsibility for meetings between Members, on Videos or during meetings between
Members and non-Members, following the use of its site and its services.SenzaVergogna.com
makes known to Members that they cannot disclose information that allows their identification,
such as surname, postal address, landline and mobile phone numbers, to other Members. The
brands, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, images transmitted in video chat and the
texts contained on the site are the intellectual property of SenzaVergogna.com and cannot be
reproduced, used or represented without the explicit authorization of SenzaVergogna.com, under
penalty of lawsuits. Members are strictly limited to access, download, print, reproduce on any

medium and use of these documents for private and personal purposes within and for the duration of
the adhesion to the videochat. Any other use by the Member is prohibited without the authorization
of SenzaVergogna.com.The Member cannot modify, copy, reproduce, download, disseminate,
transmit, commercially exploit and / or distribute in any way the services, the pages of the site , nor
the computer codes of the elements that make up the services and the site.SenzaVergogna.com
owns the rights, automatically issued by the subscriber from the moment in which he / she proceeds
with the registration and accepts the conditions, of intellectual property for the contents provided by
the Registered for dissemination on the site. This license includes in particular the right for
SenzaVergogna.com to reproduce and represent the contents concerning the Member, information,
images, videos, streaming in videochat and more, in the communications of e-mail from
SenzaVergogna.com and within any programs or advertisements. This authorization allows
SenzaVergogna.com to modify said contents in order to respect the graphic aspect of the site and /
or to make them compatible with the relative technical performances. The Member cannot copy,
reproduce or otherwise use the contents concerning the other Members except for the strict need to
use the services for personal and private purposes. The use of the Services assumes that the Member
has a Token. Members can purchase Tokens by credit card via the Internet or bank transfer or top-
up card. Video chat allows Members to consult the files of other people, also registered. The costs
of consulting these files are different and are set by users. In any case, the price and payment
methods of the Services are constantly accessible on the site. The acquisition of Tokens on the
Members account is almost simultaneous with the validation of the transaction by credit card or the
collection of the check or card top-up. Purchased tokens can be spent within 120 days from the date
of their purchase. The purchase of Tokens is not a subscription.Each Member can terminate their
subscription to the videochat at any time and without specifying the reason by communicating it by
e-mail: videochat365.com@gmail.com.The data provided by a Member must be correct and true to
reality. The consequences of their disclosure on the life of the Member and / or that of other
Members are the sole responsibility of the Member himself. SenzaVergogna.com cannot be held
responsible for the correctness or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by the
Members and / or by site visitors. Likewise, SenzaVergogna.com cannot be held responsible for
content disclosed by a Member that may infringe the rights of one or more of the other Members.
The Member must have the equipment and applications necessary to use the Internet.
SenzaVergogna.com does not guarantee that the services will function without interruption or
malfunction. In particular, their use may be temporarily interrupted for reasons of maintenance,
updating, technical improvement, modification of the content or of the relative presentation method.
As far as possible, SenzaVergogna.com will inform Members in advance of a maintenance or
update operation. The Member does not hold SenzaVergogna.com responsible for the operation and
use of the services. SenzaVergogna.com cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions,
impossibility of access or poor conditions of use of the site attributable to unsuitable equipment,
internal malfunctions to the Members access provider, Internet network traffic and any other reason
not dependent on SenzaVergogna.com. The site may provide, or third parties may include links to
other websites or to other Internet sources and to affiliate. Since SenzaVergogna.com cannot control
these external sites and sources, it cannot be held responsible for their availability, nor for the
content, advertising, related products and services or any other element available on these external
sites or sources. Any malfunction related to a link must be communicated to the e-mail:
videochat365.com@gmail.com. The consultation and / or use of these external sites and sources are
governed by their conditions of use. If the result of a search conducted on the site leads the Member
to consult other sites, pages or forums whose title and / or contents constitute a violation of the law,
the Member must interrupt the consultation of the site; otherwise, he will be held responsible for his
actions. SenzaVergogna.com can in no case be held responsible for indirect damages suffered by
the Member and in particular for the loss of data or recordings made by the Member, since the
Member is responsible for making backup copies. These conditions of use, as well as the pages of
the site to which reference is made herein, constitute the contract that governs the relationship

between the Member and SenzaVergogna.com. They cancel and replace all previous provisions not
expressly mentioned or attached and constitute the set of rights and obligations of
SenzaVergogna.com and the Member. SenzaVergogna.com reserves the right to modify the pages
of the site and services at any time. The Members are therefore welcome to consult the latest
version available online on the site. The presence of the Member on the site implies his full
acceptance of any revision or modification of these. These conditions of use are regulated,
interpreted and applied in accordance with US law. The United States courts will be the only ones
competent for any controversy related to these general rules of adhesion to the services, including,
in a non exclusive way, their validity, interpretation, execution and / or termination and the relative
civil and criminal consequences. SenzaVergogna.com can be contacted by email, for any question
at videochat365.com@gmail.com.